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Illyria is one of the ancient powers who walked the earth long before humans inherited it. She was a supreme power, god to a god, and it was time for her to return to her throne.

She was brought back from the Deeper Well, the graveyard of the ancients, and took over the body of Winifred "Fred" Burkle, destroying Fred in the process. She discovered, to her deepest dismay, that her empire had long ago turned to dust, and was left trying to comprehend her new surroundings.

Although at first she was able to manipulate time, dimensions, and overpower any force, her power was too strong for her human shell. Right before she went nuclear, Wesley drained her excess power, and now she is a shadow of what she was.

She is still incredibly strong, though she no longer has the ability to travel at will between dimensions or stop time. Currently she seems to be working for good, simply because she has grown attached to the humans her shell used to love, and they are, generally, good.
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